Wellbeing Workshop by Dr Alisha

The Host Space (St Luke's Church) The Host Space (St Luke's Church) Greetham St, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Dr Alisha D will be leading a meditative and enlightening workshop for coworkers. Allowing you to prioritise your own health and wellbeing in a busy corporate world. Learn the language you need to express how you really are, and get a chance to chat to Dr Alisha after the session.


Neurodivergence For Business Owners

The Host Space The Host Space, St Luke's Church, Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Whether you want to know more about the way that you process things as a neurodiverse business owner, or want to make your business environment more accessible for neurodiverse people, this workshop will be perfect for you. We all have gaps in our understanding of neurodivergence, and how it might present itself for different people. […]