Who We Are

We're a community of creatives. designers. individuals. mentors. teachers. students. thinkers. doers. makers. managers. marketers. entrepreneurs. writers.

Our Goals

To offer a dynamic work space

that offers value for money and is accessible for all who might require it

To champion courageous learning

by developing a culture of sharing and shaping among professionals

To see an authentic and human community

develop, opening doors for people to explore questions of faith

More than just a place to work

The Host is a community of people working alongside each other. We started up in 2019 with a vision to offer an alternative way of working. We figured you might do 80% of your work solitarily, but we don’t all thrive on our own. 

We’re a coworking space that is committed to learning and growing. That means we listen to our community and develop our space, resources and events in line with their needs.


Abigail is a business graduate and entrepreneur who owns her own ethical clothing company. Most recently she has provided small enterprise consultancy and is involved with implementing sustainability measures at the Goodwood Estate.

She always has the bigger picture in mind and desires to turn dreams into realities. She is passionate about creating and encouraging businesses with a Christian kingdom culture.

We're Ready For You