Who We Are

We're a community of creatives. designers. individuals. mentors. teachers. students. thinkers. doers. makers. managers. marketers. entrepreneurs. writers.

Our Goals

To offer a quirky + healthy work space

that offers value to you, and is accessible for all who might require it

To champion courageous ideas

by developing a culture of sharing, learning and shaping

To see an authentic and human community

opening doors for people to explore all questions of faith and combat the isolation of solo working

More than just a place to work

The Host is a community of people working alongside each other. We started up in 2019 with a vision to offer an alternative way of working. We figured you might do 80% of your work solitarily, but we don’t all thrive on our own. 

We’re a coworking space that is committed to learning and growing. That means we want to hear what you suggest and what you need. Just let our space pioneers know what you think.

Coworking with spirit

Abi-Host Space Pioneer

Hi- I run The Host Space.

I am a business graduate and entrepreneur with my own ethical clothing company. Most recently I produced a green-themed musical (with one of the Host Coworkers), that toured round Portsmouth and the South East. I also provided small enterprise consultancy and am involved with implementing sustainability measures at the Goodwood Estate. I am passionate about creating and encouraging businesses with a Kingdom culture. I love dreaming big, and making quirky ideas a reality.

I am here for you. Chat to me about anything-questions about faith, business, or if you just want a coffee. I am interruptible.

Sam-Coworker-Video Game Producer

Hi there, I’m Sam. I work as a Publishing Producer in the video game industry. I’ve been in games for nearly a decade now and am fortunate enough to have worked in a variety of roles on a wide range of titles across genres and scopes, from AAA blockbusters to small indies.

I’ve had a strange and varied career up to this point, including time as a Film Critic, a TV Scriptwriter, an occasional Lecturer, and a trainee Pro Wrestler (!)

I love working at The Host, and I’m always happy to chat to my fellow co-workers about whatever strange things have caught my eye that day. You’ll probably get used to hearing me going off on one of my “This reminds me of the time…” stories. I really am a total Dad…

Nick-Software Developer-Coworker

Hi, I’m Nick. I work as a software developer for a FinTech company and have been in the IT industry for 16 years.
I come here for community. If you like spending your day idly chatting about anything and everything with like minded people, you’ll love The Host Space. It’s one of my favourite places to pretend to work. I am also big into kayaking and cycling, and enjoy finding other people who share my passions. 

Ollie-Curious Coworker

I ‘m Ollie and I work in artisan coffee and high end street food-Earth To Oven. Delicious! But in my free time I come to The Host Space for a bit of peace, and to ask questions about life. I am also an environmental activist, musician and love being curious. I always find people with fascinating experiences and opinions in the space.

P.S I am friendly-come talk to me.

Jen-Life Coach-Coworker

I am currently working as a transformational life coach to help you explore greater possibilities for ways of being in your life by understanding your inner world through the power of meaningful conversation. If you don’t see me, it is probably because I am also a seasonal ski instructor in New Zealand.

Charlotte-Coworker-REFLEX Coaching

I run REFLEX Coaching – a business providing Equine Facilitated Learning workshops to help businesses improve their Employee Experience (EX) – specialising in leadership skills development, employee wellbeing & resilience, confidence & team building. We also offer online personal & group coaching (or combined programmes) as well as a consulting service to influence & improve company culture & operational processes.


Currently I’m a UX designer at a Fintech, my role involves designing the product in the best interests for the user, so finding out what their problems are and how to best solve them. 


The vicar of St Luke’s church…and what a gem she is. Do grab Annie for a chat or to find out what St Luke’s is up to. She would LOVE it.


I am an Airline Pilot and intersectional environmental, climate justice, racial justice and social justice campaigner from Chichester. Member of Safe Landing – a group of aviation workers formed to tell the truth about the impact of aviation on people and planet and to campaign for a fair transition of aviation workers into green sector jobs.

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*The Host Space will champion individuals and businesses that are aligned with the uplifting and Kingdom culture, and reserve the right to refuse or remove advertisement should an individual/business be in conflict with this culture. If you have any questions-wish to be added or removed please just ask.